Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Had to do a session at my apartment yesterday because I felt really bad that I haven't been posting. I would of done this earlier in the day however my class schedules on Monday & Wednesday are brutal. I start at 9am and end at 8pm -__-. Anyways yesterday I really wanted to wear this shirt because one it's amazing and two because I've only worn it out once before. Oh and doesn't the skirt look familiar? Yes it was from this post where I wore it as a dress. Well chicos & chicas, I have class tomorrow bright and early so off I go~

Shirt: Laurence Kazar / Skirt: Vintage / Shoes: Steve Madden 

And here I leave you with this awesome picture lmao:



  1. hello Nathalie!

    cute gifs like always and great wall art. love all the pops of color in your outfit and in the background too.


    1. Thank you Visa! I really love those paper flowers too :3

  2. si todo encaja tu vestimenta el fondo de tu pared realmente va muy colorido me gusta tus novedades!!!!!!


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