Monday, September 10, 2012

Providence Style Street #4

(Whoot business card! I made a DIY holder, stay tuned for that post!)

Meet Maranatha, or just Mara (her preferred nickname)...she's a new workstudy at my job! It was quite funny because I was hearing about her for two days. One because she also went to South Korea, one year after my trip and also because other people at my job told me she had great style. Well obviously because I decided to take her picture she really did live up to what everyone told me! Enjoy chicos & chicas! 

(OT: It's been really hard to meet with Martha these past couple of weeks to take pictures so sorry for the lack of pictures everyone! I did a self shoot at my apt today, so I'll put those pictures up tomorrow)

Have a great night! Yay to not having class tomorrow~


  1. Love the choice of colors for the outfit. And the outfit is great. :)



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