Wednesday, September 12, 2012



(Writing this as I'm sitting in my Nutrition class but, don't worry class hasn't started justt yet... )

So not caring definitely has to do with these set of photos, because I certainly did not care if there were people or cars walking around. I even waved to and greeted them. I think I am starting to get over my fear *fingers crossed* Plus it's really funny when people give me the 'who is she? I wonder who she is..' looks. On the other hand, can you imagine my skirt was once a dress? I bought it because I thought the material and color would be great for something else. Thus, I created this poorly made Burberry inspired skirt back in high school (about 5-6 years ago). I think it might of been the first piece of clothing that I had ever made in my life. So even if it's not the best piece I've ever made it still holds a special place in my heart. And I'm also  glad to see that I've improved :). 

(Okay now that I've finished writing this entry, class has started and I really should be paying attention...Let's just say I'm multitasking, isn't there some research that says only women can multitask?) 

One last thing, if you're having a bad day, which I hope you're not or you need a quick laugh here's a picture of me getting scared by the fence that I thought was going to fall on me: 

Shirt: Savers / Skirt: Made by me / Shoes: Korea

Have a beautiful day everyone! If you're in class and reading this....get off the computer & pay attention to your professor!

(maybe you should preach what you teach Nathalie...) 


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