Saturday, November 24, 2012

Influenster College VoxBox November '12

Finally I received my first Influenster College VoxBox! For those of your who do not know of Influenster, it's a service somewhat like MyGlam, BirchBox etc. Except you don't have to pay- for anything! It's a free to join community of invited trendsetters who give opinions and experiences of products!
In Influenster, there are things called 'badges' which you can unlock by answering a list of questions, surveys, and then bettering your 'score' through adding blogs, youtube pages, twitter or facebook pages. Usually the badges you unlock are relevant to your lifestyle, so it can be easier for you to higher your Influenster score. The higher of a score you have, the more likely you are to get pre-qualified to get VoxBox's related to your badges. 

Once you receive your box, you have a series of tasks to do, and if you complete them all then you're even MORE likely to get some extra goodies! Sounds great doesn't it? 

I know I got your here's the website and request for an invite! : 

So here's the rundown of the November College VoxBox '12! 

1. Necco Tropical Wafers: $1.25 each
So anyone who knows me, knows that I love candy. Not so much 'sweets' but candy- oh yeah I'm there! When I opened up this box, I was already on my way to catch the bus to go back to Jersey. I didn't have enough time to grab a snack, but luckily I had these babies to eat on the way down. I actually didn't even realize that Necco was still around! I remember eating these when I was a kid well I still am, but you know what I mean...
The Necco Tropical Wafers haven't hit shelves just yet, but let me tell you when they do- you definitely have to try them out. They're really good! The flavors includes: coconut, passion fruit, strawberry, lime, banana, and mango.  (My favorites are lime & mango)

2. ImPress Press-On Manicure $5.99 for colors, $7.99 for patterns:
Okay when I saw nails, I felt like I was a kid again, because only then did I ever put on fake nails. However, when I actually tried them on, and I probably should of taken a picture- they looked great! For someone like me who: usually bites their nails or too lazy to do anything special with your nails this is perfect! Especially, if you only need them for a special night, these are a great alternative to acrylic nails! All you have to do is simply peel off the clear strips, press on, and you're done! 

3. Energy Sheets $5.95 per pack of 10 sheets:
According to description of the product: These sheets are a new concept for getting some energy throughout your day! All you do is just put a sheet on your tongue where it will dissolve instantly, digested and then give your hours of energy! I have yet to try them, because I want to use it when I actually need the energy. As of late, I haven't been needing 'energy' because I've been relaxing these days in Jersey. But when I do try them out- I'll let cha know! 

4. NYC New york Color Show Time Glitter Eye-liner Pencil: $2.49 per pencil
For my signature cat eye-liner, I always use liquid. I feel that I get the best result with my liquid eyeliner. However, when I do use pencil it's usually on my waterline, or under my waterline. I tried this eyeliner, and not only did it look nice with little shimmers of silver, but it also didn't run down. For eyes like mine, my bottom eyeliner usually always runs down, but I've been wearing it for a couple of hours and I have yet to see any rundown. Whoop! 

5. Pentel EnerGel-X Campaign: $1.90 per pen
I don't know what's your feels on pens are, but you know how hard it is to find a really nice writing pen? Like it's seriously hard! But I gotta say this pen works really well!

So that wraps up the November College VoxBox 2012! I think it really was fit to the typical college life, so thank you Influenster! & Thank you for reading~! Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Cool post! those energy sheets are they really good?


    1. Thanks karen! I tried one yesterday, ngl I really did get a boost of energy!

  2. hey, i looked up influenster because of you! it turns out i had signed up for it in the summer and totally forgot about it until now! i'm obsessed with getting badges now. how long did it take you to be eligible for the voxbox?


    1. Hey Mackenzie thank you for the comment! Well it's usually not like set time periods to get boxes since every badge is different and whatnot. But like this month I was accepted for two VoxBox's!

  3. very cool. not heard from this box before :)

    x Angie

    1. Hey Angie! Yeah, it's something totally different, you should check it out!

  4. This is great! I'll try it one of these days <3


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