Friday, November 30, 2012


Aw sad faces :( 

So this week I moved out of my apartment (more like just yesterday)....and brought everything back to jersey. It was so much work (especially bringing down everything from the 3rd floor), didn't know I could accumulate so many things in just three years. I ended up getting a 14' uhaul truck to drive down to Jersey and luckily Martha drove down with me. We left RI at 1030 and we got into NJ around 230ish. (Usually it doesn't take that long to get down to Jersey, but you have to go really slow on that thing!)  

Once we got to my house, we unloaded everything (with the help of my parents) and immediately went to drop it off at the drop off location. How long did this all take? Well I ended reaching my bed around 4AM. 

So what happens now? Well I moved basically everything back to jersey, but I'm going to stay with two friends in Providence for a little bit. 

Oh and if I didn't say this enough I really appreciate all the help I received from a couple of my friends throughout the move- so thank you again amigos! 

In other news: 
1. I got a new phone- yipeee! The Samsung Galaxy Note II, that I absolutely love 
2. I have an Instagram now! You can follow me at @ElCatsMeow 

I'm gonna go lay down now, I am beat. 
Ciao friends!


  1. es bueno hacer cambios en la vida y creo que ahora es buen tiempo suerte gatita!!!!!!

  2. Moving is such a pain in the ass! I'm glad you were able to get everything from point A to point B. Anywho, I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Details can be found on my blog. :)


    1. Girl, I know! I'm glad I did too T__T. Thank you very much!! I'll check it out right now!


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