Thursday, October 4, 2012

Space Pants

Remember my friend Calvin? He helped my take Nathalie from the Block & Earth, Wind and Fire, well he came to visit this past week! He also helped me take these pictures- thank you Calvin! 

Space Pants is a nickname given to one of my friends after a silver sparkly leggings of hers were worn to a party once. I'm not wearing silver sparkly leggings, but these silver cargo pants will do. I've finally had the chance to wear these pants out- I've been looking for the right shoes to go with them. Just this weekend I scored these white pumps at H&M for only 10 dollars. Steal! Deal! And mine :3
Another part of my outfit that I have finally worn in a shoot is my black long tail shirt or as I like to call it Tuxedo Shirt. Why Tuxedo Shirt? Because it reminds me of those long tail tuxedo's. Eh heh. Second question why did I make this shirt with a long tail rather than a high low shirt? Well because what I find in most high low shirts is that sometimes it doesn't really give your body a shape, and for large chested girls, high low shirts just make us look prego (letsbeserious). I've made S, M, and L in black, cream, and electric blue. I'll be putting up pictures of it soon if you guys want to inquire about the shirt please email me @:

Well folks, it's a new day and today I shall be learning more kpop dances. Woohoo!

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  1. Por fin sacaste tu polo increible tu trajjste la moda de korea y otros ya lo sacaron y tu recien lo estas mostrando ,bueno nunca es tarde se que sera un exito mi gatita meowwwww¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    1. Eso si tienes mucho razon Blanca! Gracias por el commentario :)


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