Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Providence Street Style #5

"Couple Edition"   
I'm late, I know I am and I'm even super duper duper late with these pictures. Better late than never #dont stone me. Well here is my two friends, Ruby from China and Bonsang from Korea. They're one of the cutest couples you'll ever see- trust me. Well that day I was wearing my 'Teddy Bear' headband, and Ruby thought it would be cute if Bonsang wore it so she put it on him. The cutest part was when she was like-oh you're wearing this girly headband, so now I am the man! So she went on her tippy toes to be taller than him, but then he was like no- I am still the man! Too cute man, too cute. 

I am the man!
No- I still am!

Now this is what I call a couple outfit. 

Ciao chicos & chicas! I have tons of studying to do today. Have a great day!

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