Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lazy Days

I was going to post this up yesterday, but when I got home I had no internet -___-. 

Anywho, it was a lazy day alright. Woke up in the morning, and just threw on a regular black outfit. You can never go wrong with a black outfit. I don't know about how you've been feeling on the whole 'it's fall now, summer's gone' but seriously thank god it's fall now. I've never been quite a summer person, even though I was born in the summer on the hottest month- still don't really like it. I usually spend me summer's (me summers? are you a pirate or something) either working so much that I never really go outside, or a travel; usually to Peru where it's winter during that time. The only thing about Fall that gets me down is the amount of tights I'm going to have to buy. I wear sheer tights all the time, and because of that they usually have a short life. Oh well, I guess I should stock up soon. 

Funny story of the day: While we were taking pictures, a group of high schoolers walked past us. Well except this one kid, cause he goes over by me and says something like "Nah man, I think I look good today, imma take a picture with you." I just told martha to take it, so if you look at the first GIF tell me if you spot him! Haha

PS. I'm home for the weekend, going to Lilly's showcase tonight. 
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RAIN JACKET: Vince Camuto / TIGHTS: Nordstrom 


  1. You are beautiful and I love your blog :)
    New follower <3

    1. thanks Ines! The feeling is mutual :)


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