Sunday, October 14, 2012

Providence Street Style #6

Meet 'Madeline Hatter' everyone! She's a Lolita! So rare to find Loli's in Providence, so I was quite surprised the first time I met her. Well more excited than surprised. She's so sweet everytime we end up bumping into each other along the streets. This certain day, I was coming from a job interview, we passed each other, and then both turned around like 'Hey I know you!' Hehe. 

So honestly, what isn't there to love about her outfit. I think its so pretty! She even made the dress and tights herself! Talk about talent man. 

Me gusta! 

For more Madeline check out her blog @:

Have a Sunday Funday everyone! I shall be spending mine with my nutrition notes, as for I have midterm on monday that I did not know about! 


Thank you so much for the AWESOME comments! It's very much appreciated <3

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