Friday, October 12, 2012

La Mama

If there is anything about me that you should know is that I am usually happy, and I like to stay happy. I try not to let things get to me, but like I said I try. My grandmother passed away recently, and I really didn't want to get sad about her passing. I believe that one shouldn't sad when one passes- because how I think of it, is that they are going to a better place. In my grandmother's case, I know she was in pain the last couple days of her life. I'm happy that she's in a better place. I won't go into much detail about everything so I'll just leave you guys with that. 

When Martha and I were looking for a location, it was raining outside so I tried to find a place inside where we could take some pictures. At my job there are two floors, the first floor is where my job actually is and the second floor is a church. It's not that we weren't allowed to go upstairs, but no one ever does. Martha wondered how upstairs looked like so, with the permission of our supervisor we were allowed to go upstairs. I didn't think it was going to be so immense as this, but whoa was I blown away. Martha posed the idea of dedicating this to my grandmother, or as she was called and would rather be called 'La Mama' (The Mother). Well Mama, this is post is to you! Please look after me in these coming years, and I'll see you later Mama! 

Have a great Friday day/night everyone! Be safe! 

JACKET: Vince Camuto / SWEATER: H&M / SHOES: Peru 


  1. cada dia me sorprendes pero este homenaje a la mama te digo que la persona mas feliz debe ser mi mami por darle esta sorpresa gracias !!!!


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