Monday, October 15, 2012


We always take risk in fashion- heck! We take risks everyday! This inspired Sonia Rykiel headband is definitely no exception. Growing up, I've always been looked at a bit funny with my eccentric wardrobe, and even more colorful makeup. Yes at one point I wore more than just eyeliner. I remember I wore electric blue eyeliner from the start of my eye to my side hairline. (I was in the 7th grade) In general I had always been a bit 'weird', and by 'weird' I mean by afraid people's standard (afraid to be different). Because I didnt't think I was weird.

 In my 8th grade yearbook I had one girl write by her picture- 'I love your style! Keep it up! Good luck!' Mind you, I remember this girl always saying 'omg- what is she wearing?' 'what is that?' So I assume she really didn't mean it. Or if she did- great, I guess I changed her perception. 

I don't wear electric blue eyeliner all the way up to my sides anymore, but one thing that hasn't changed from my tutu wearing days till now is the amount of confidence with pulling off these outfits. I need that confidence, I use this confidence to pull off and wear whatever I like to. 

So even when I got the weirdest stares and laughs from people when I wore this huge pom pom on my head- I really didn't care. Courteously I would smile and walk pass them. As I was waiting for the bus to come to Kennedy Plaza, there was one individual who was just getting the biggest kick out of my headband. So much that I went up to him and said "Would you like to take a picture? I can pose for you if you'd like." Didn't even say it with a bitchy voice, just a sincere question. He stopped laughing, and just looked at me. My bus came by that time so I walked in and took a seat. 

Confidence, it's not just 'if you have it, you have it. if you don't, you don't' type of deal. You can always get confidence, the same way you can lose confidence. But I'll try not to lose my confidence. I don't think I will anyways. I'm a Leo. haha. 


OH PS. Thank you so much Mariah for helping me out with the pictures today- you were awesome! 

Have a great day ladies and gents! 


  1. asi se habla mi leoncita sin pelos en la lengua como siempre ud nacio con estrella y tiene ese aplomo y seguridad en su persona que es dificil tenerla ,pero ud la tiene y siga para adelante ,esta muy linda cada dia estoy super orgullosa de ud!!!!

    1. Gracias blanca, tus comentarios siempre me hacen sentir muy bueno :3

  2. Well hats off to you! I think it's fantastic that you have such amazing confidence.... I think the pom pom looks fun!


    1. Thank you so much Caroline!! I think my mom really helped in building it heh.

      I love this pom pom! I've made two already haha.

  3. This is an awesome headband--I really like the Gif you created too. Have you ever tried making a pom pom? They are a ton of fun to make at home--I used them instead of ribbon to wrap holiday presents last year.



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