Saturday, September 29, 2012

Orange You Glad

Took these shots as our hungry selves were walking down to Dunkin' Donuts, coincidently I was wearing their colors- ha! At one point of pictures I had a little mini audience of about 3 people watching as Martha shot away. Feels so good not minding people~ 

You know in the morning it was really cold, so I said let me be a smart girl and being a jacket with me so I don't end up freezing later. Turned out that the day ended up being hot and humid. Great, Super Duper. I really need to start looking at the weather channel or .com but always dimiss looking at those things. I had a friend yesterday tell me that she would text me the weather for the day. I really hope she does, maybe then I will be dressed weather appropriate! 

SKIRT: H&M / SHOES: Peru / CAPE: Macy's / BERET: H&M

Well it's Saturday, and it's two of my friends birthday: Tuba & Prisilla. Happy Birthday guys! 
And happy birthday if it's your birthday as well.
September babies and everyone else- have a great day. It's saturday so go out tonight!


  1. Love it! So chic! :)


  2. love the orange, and lovely shoes!

    1. thank you! I loveee these shoes- they are so comfy!

  3. Love (what looks like) a simple white tshirt with such a feminine skirt!

    1. yes it is actually, and that's what I was exactly going for~ :)


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