Monday, October 8, 2012


Finally finally finally after 6 months of having this beautiful cocktail hat (that Alexandria bought for me- thank you <3!) I finally wore it out. When my friend Alex came back from her trip in Chicago, she presented me with some little goodies she bought over there- this hat being one of them. I remember her saying, "I don't know why I bought it, but I'm sure you'll be able to make it work." Hours were spent trying to figure out what to wear with this hat, but nothing ever fit it just right. A weekend ago, I went to H&M and found this skirt. Wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it, but for some reason I just went with my gut feeling to the cash register. I'm guessing without me even knowing it, I had just purchased the match made in heaven for this hat. Booyah! So now here we are, with my first outfit showcasing this awesome hat! 

story of day: well you know how I've been boasting about my new found confidence in front of the camera....however, I've said I don't know if I would be able to take pictures in front of my peers...well.... 

So as we were taking pictures, you know getting into it and everything- a classmate of mine walked right in front of us. I quickly thought: girl you have two options: 1. Just make eye contact and keep going 2. acknowledge and greet

I went with option 2, she replied with an "I love your outfit!"- Woo no sweat-atleast that's over. 

Nope it wasn't. Next person we saw was a regular party friend we see on the weekends. Went with option 1 for this one. Okay now it's really over...

Nope- however this last familiar person we saw, was our good friend Bella. Which being the person I that I am, I went on to chase her down and try to make her take a picture. 

But she didn't want to- booo. She was like no no! I can't no! later later! But Martha still managed to snap a couple pictures. I would put them up, butttt Bella would probably kick my behind. 

That's all for today, chicos y chicas! 

SHIRT: Peru / SKIRT: H&M / BLAZER: Made by Me / SHOES: H&M / COCKTAIL HAT: Al3x!


  1. como siempre eres unica super lindo tu atuendo me gusta y sabes que a ti te queda todos los sombreros o todo que puedes llevar en tu cabeza y sobre esto tienes un anecdota que otro dia comentare te paso en la middle school bueno te repito eres unica con estilo propio!!!!!

  2. otra cosa martha tambien es super bella hacen un buen duo!!!!


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