Friday, August 24, 2012


Can you believe I actually took these pictures with people around? Yeah, believe it people! I don't know why I was in such an 'I don't care' mood. I wasn't even planning on taking pictures, but Martha and I were thinking about what to do before we head back home, so pictures it was! You know at one point there were 3 policemen on bicycles just watching Martha and I taking pictures. I don't know if they thought we were doing something suspicious or not. Luckily, they didn't say anything to us, just rode their little police bikes pass us. Weird. 

Underneath this bridge there were very interesting tiles that were dedicated to 9/11. Somewhere in the tiles I found my twin! I don't know what message was trying to be communicated through that picture...but it looks like..well I'm sure you get my point. 

It's Friday everyone, stop reading blogs and go out! Have fun tonight everyone! 
I'm going to the city tonight follow me @elcatsmeow for little updates~!

Shirt: Savers / Velvet Leggings: Passaic / Shoes: H&M / Jacket: Vintage / Bag: Peru / Hat: Korea


  1. I like the details of your outfit, the polka dots, the shoes and generally the colour combination!
    You are very cute and I love the surroundings. Those designs on the wall are amazing.

    Just followed you.
    Have a beautiful week!

    1. thank you so much Angelina! Yes aren't the tiles great?

      Thank you for the support!
      Ciao chica!

  2. haha you have to get used to!
    great pics!
    love the shirt!

    1. thank you! Yes taking pictures in front of people is still a bit of a struggle, but I'll get there!


  3. I love polka dots, they are always so chic and stylish.
    Maybe we could follow each other? :) Check my blog and let me know.



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