Sunday, September 16, 2012

On The Edge

Of course the one day that I finally bring a light jacket to wear (because I usually never do and end up freezing) it was so hot. That would happen to me, oh well just gotta roll with the punches I guess. On other note, this had to be one of my favorite set of photos thus far. It was great to just be on the top of this parking garage and look down at the city. Wasn't I nervous sitting so close to the edge you ask? Somewhat, but it was also very exciting at the same time. 

(Side note:) With every day that passes by, I am really- honestly getting more and more fearless when taking pictures. Yay ^__^! With that said, finding locations for photos have become easier for Martha and I.

Well it's Sunday night and I have ton of homework to actually do. Snore, but I have to get that college diploma! Ciao chicos y chicas! Enjoy your Sunday night! 

DRESS: Rodarte x Target / SHOES: Peru / WATCH: Betsey Johnson


  1. We are cheetah girls, cheetah sistas! lol Love your blog Gordis <3

    1. We make up one big family, thought we don't look the same lmaooooo and thank you Galy!


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