Friday, August 3, 2012


"Oh wait, let me get my JLO hat!"

When I was getting dressed in the morning I saw this hat on top of the body mannequin in my room, I think that's how I ended up picking the rest of my outfit. Haven't you ever had that one item that you just shape your outfit by? It's usually shoes for me, but this time it was a hat. A hat that I waited so long to go on sale at H&M, because I refused to pay 15 bucks for it. Luckily for my cheapness great bargain shopping skills, I ended up finding one at Burlington Coat Factory for only $5.00. OH yeah! Holla! for five dolla! Anywho, Martha and I were to lazy to go out looking for a location, so we ended up just taking pictures right on my balcony. I love having a balcony, especially on the third floor. I'm high enough where I see everything, and not many can see me. Like Batman or something. 

Moving on...I feel so sad my for favorite pairs of pants (don't know if they are labeled as pants or what..) Well one day my mom put it in the dryer with I don't know what, but they ended up coming out like this; with a whole bunch of fuzzies. Oh well. My mother is in Peru at the moment, and I asked her to pick up some more of these pants, well if they still had the same model. She went back and told that they didn't sell this model anymore. Well what was I expecting that they would be selling the same pants after a year...yeah maybe, a little bit. I guess, I'll just have to buy the fabric and make it myself -__-. In another news, I only have ONE more week of my internship left, and then ECM will be back in full force! Wooohooo. 

Pants: Peru / Shoes: Brash / Blazer: Made by me / Hat: Burlington Coat Factory

Enjoy your Friday lovelies! Be safe and have fun!

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  1. siempre bella todos los sombreros te quedan felicidades!!!!!!


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