Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Name is Leo

Recently, I love sporting oversize shirts/sweaters with shorts underneath, especially with this weather we've been having on the East Coast. Talking about the weather, it was so hot and humid that day that I just decided to take the pictures on the side of our work study job. It's right on campus, and I would of been embarrassed and scared any other time, however it's summer and there's almost no one on campus. I think the only ones on campus are students doing their Freshmen orientation. 'Hi, welcome to university, now on your left you will see two random people just taking pictures in the grass. Now, on your right..' 


So the knotted hairstyle in the beginning set of photos has been the most recent hairstyle I've been wearing, because of the gorgeous waves I get after un-doing them. Especially because when my hair is big, voluminous, and wild looking I can't help but feel like a Lion. You guys should really try it! It's just taking sections of your hair and knotting them together. It's basically the same way of doing a french braid, but instead of a braid, it's a knot. Did I confuse you? Yeah I thought so. 

Ah- I have a PT for the class tomorrow, I should get it done. So off I go~

Sweater: Fashion Bug / Shorts: Forever 21 / Shoes: Easy Pickin 

Ciao chicos y chicas!

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  1. me da gusto verte de nuevo con tus creaciones y consejos suerte en tu PT !!!!!!!


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