Sunday, July 22, 2012

Los Estados Unidos

More than a two weeks later and I finally am able to post up these pictures. If you don't follow me on Facebook (but I hope you follow now..) last Friday I finally got my computer screen fixed. Ill share the story with you guys at the end of the post.
So on the 4th, Martha came down for the day! (She's actually coming back from her internship today!) The funny story with this post is the actual location of these shots. As we were walking around the east side, it was already super super super super hot, so I just wanted to find some place quick and then go out to lunch. We randomly stopped at this place, which was actually someone's backyard, and an office's side entrance. Throughout the whole session, I kept on saying "oh my god, I hope no body opens their blinds and just see us taking pictures, oh my god that would be awkward!" Luckily, no one saw us throughout the whole session! As for what I was wearing, I just put on my trusty red scalloped shorts, and this large polka dot shirt. 

I thought that was the most patriotic I could get, however then I decided to do something to my hair. I color chalked it it! it was super fun to do, and after washing it, it turned into a lavender/pink color, it looks great actually! Definitely will be chalk dying my hair more! If you haven't tried it already, you should definitely check it out! Here's a Cup of Jo's 'colored chalk tips!' for some instructions. Oh and let's get to my shoes I was wearing, now I am only 5'3''- I know...maaaaaaaad short. However, I'm always wearing heels so I get false sense of my actual height sometimes. Now, even with my tallest heels, I was never Martha's height or even taller- but that was until these baby's! Martha was actually the one to come up to me, "Nathalie, I've never seen you this tall!"Afterwards we just went to the Providence fireworks, and had a blast (badum tish). 

So let me tell you about the computer story:So after 5 months of having a glitchy screen, and having to hold my computer screen (in very uncomfortable positions) up while using it I decided to go into the apple store. I walk in and just say: listen, my applecare expired almost a year ago, and I need to get this fixed, so just tell me how much its going to cost. He takes my information and then tells me this: You still have applecare...actually, you have two months left to use it. Man, if I wasn't standing on hard concrete floors, I would of just fell backwards. You mean to tell me, I went five months with this crap and I had apple care?! Or back in December where I went a whole month without my computer because I was too cheap to replace my dead battery, I could of had a charger? 

yeah the story of my life. Actually my life stories are quite funny, maybe I'll tell them more often :D 


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  1. que patriota eres hija ,lo importante que continuas en tus metas mucha suerte sigue asi muy bella!!!!


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