Sunday, July 1, 2012

GlossyBox Review


About a two months ago I received this cute package from the GlossyBox US team. I actually had opened all the contents when I received it, but I really wanted to use every product to give an honest review about it, so here it finally is!

Lets talk packaging, so I've never subscribed to any beauty boxes before so I don't know how the typical beauty box packaging looks like. However, GLOSSYBOX's packaging is so feminine. When I say feminine I mean it in a 'Parisian' way. I pale pink box, not vibrant in color, but definitely catches your attention.
Even how the packaging inside looked beautiful! It started with a welcome message, which I think was very thoughtful. In addition, they gave you a trend guide! 

- Complimentary gift: Erno Laszlo: Hollywood Collection These were creams inspires by his iconic devotees: Ava, Katherine, Marilyn, Grace and Greta.
Okay so about the product, I honestly wish I could afford the full size products because let me tell you this products were amazing! Some of them had a sparkles in it, and when I applied it on my face along with my regular beauty routine, my face would have speckles of glitter: amazing. I could really feel the quality in the creams. Now I'm not about expensive beauty products because 1. sista isn't making it rain, and 2. I usually stick with my drugstore products. BUT, if I could I would definitely invest my money on the Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection. 


1. Cargo : Eyebronzer ($22.00 / 0.035oz) 
Okay so I love the brown - gold palette when it comes to makeup. Being a Leo I love gold and shiny things. This eyebronzer hit both marks. Its a beautiful sparkly gold that goes well has a highlight color on my eyes. I had a picture of the swatch but it went MIA on my laptop. Sorry! 


2. OPI : Kiss Me on My Tulips ($8.50 / 0.5oz) 
Okay so I'm not usually into nailpolish,(actually this is my first time owning an OPI nailpolish) but I keep this in my purse at all times. It is the perfect to-go color despite what I'm wearing. It does chip pretty easily, so clear nail polish is a must. 


3. BASQ : Cucumbers Tea Eye Gel ($24.00 / 0.5oz) 
As you all know I have my crazy internship so these bags are growing and growing (girl needs all the help I can get) . But even before I was doing my internship, I had some bags under my eyes. I think the first night I tried this on, the next morning I saw my eyes much more brighter. My bags were still there, but definitely less noticeable. Unfortunately, I stopped wearing it for a bit so my eyes are like O-O. Also, the the smell is very strong, it smells like Listerine (however I don't mind the smell). So when I put it on my eyes the first time it made my eyes tear up. But after the first couple times, my eyes acclimated so it doesn't bother me anymore. It also makes your eyes really refreshed! 

4. C.O Bigelow : Lavendar &Peppermint Body Lotion ($12.00 / 5.2oz) 
This lotion smells great! It reminds me of that smell in spas or saunas. It says it was supposed to moisturize and sooth my skin, and it definitely does! 


5. Kryolan : High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine (Toffee) ($18.10 / 0.135oz)
I think I was most excited about this lip shine. I've been dying to get my hands on a nude lip gloss that actually looks nude, not just clear. I love it, love it, love it!


So overall I was genuinely impressed and happy overall with my first GLOSSYBOX. Especially because this was their first US box! With that said, the monthly subscription is $21 per month for 5 products per box, which I believe all will be sample sizes.Thank you so much Adrianne from the US Team for this opportunity, and check out GLOSSYBOX's Facebook & their Website! Have an awesome Saturday guys!

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