Sunday, May 13, 2012

Taylor Swift

"Taylor Swift would do this, and this and this!"

come to the dark side...
Like I have stated before, I'm starting to wear things how they weren't intended to be used. This dress for example is actually a skirt, for my readers since the beginning (thank you for sticking around) you can remember it from Wind. So these pictures were taken right outside one of my school's buildings. I didn't think people would walk through here, but as we were taking pictures, Yes people were walking through this little field. Of course they probably were thinking like "wth..". The funny part was when I was trying to figure out how to pose with this dress/skirt on, and Martha said "Act like Taylor Swift would in her videos!" See now I don't think Taylor Swift would wear this all black outfit, if it was white, yes I could definitely picture her in it. However, I went with Martha's direction so tada! 

Skirt: Arden B / Blazer: H&M / Shoes: Steve Madden 

My first final is this Monday, dun dun dun!
Enjoy your Sunday Funday Everyone!


  1. me encanta tu nuevo look good lucky por tus finales tu puedes bendiciones!!!!!!

  2. i'm loving black a lot too these days!! xO!

    1. you can never go wrong with wearing black!

  3. haha I tend to do that with my clothes too. It is so fun and spontaneous and quirky. I love it.

    1. arigatouuu :D It's also a great last minute outfit ^__^'''


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