Thursday, March 1, 2012


Shirt: Made by me / Skirt: Arden B

Today, the wind was so strong, but of course the moment I decided to take these pictures it stopped. Just my luck. So most of these pictures were of me, yelling 'Why! Why must you be this way wind?' However everything went well in the end. Like my mother says: "Is Okay, We Happy", and we happy I was. Especially happy because I love the skirt I'm wearing. I didn't know that there was a trend going on with this long sheer maxi skirts, until I purchased them, and every other store was carrying their own version of it. Anyways, enjoy these wind-less pictures. I know I sure did. (Do you hear the sarcasm?) No, but I really did though...



  1. lindas fotos y tu estilo como siempre muy bueno eres muy buena modelando te felicito sigue en tu objetivo se que lograras lo que te propones,good lucky!!!!

  2. Lindo me encanta! Y que chevere la inovacion de ponerle la imagen gif eh !
    Me encnató el blog
    Un beso TE SIGO :)

  3. Love this!!

    check out my blog please!


    1. thanks!! definitely will check it out!


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