Monday, May 14, 2012

Teddy Bear

This is so funny

I have this teacher that loves to pick on me, and I love to respond to him with smart remarks. Earlier in the year during one of my classes, I was smiling and this is what happened:
He says "What is so funny!?" 
I respond "...nothing, I was just smiling, I smile alot, am I not allowed to smile?" 
He respond: "No" 
I respond with a huge frown on my face and say "is this better?" 

So when I wore this little get up last week, I knew he was going to say something. And I was right: in the beginning of his lecture he's looking at me and yells, "What is that on your head! I don't mean to embrasses you in front of the class, but what is that?!"
So I said, "It's a headband, I made it."
He goes, "A headband?"
And in my naturally sarcastic voice say: "No, actually it's a fungus growing out of my head."
He gives me this weird look, while my classmates start laughing, and he says,
".....Well, I thought it was a teddy bear."

I made this pom pom headband after making a white DIY version of 
Sonia Rykiel AW10. I had some brown yarn left over and it was too little to make a scarf, so I made a 3 pom pom headband! Going to another topic, I had my first final today! Wednesday I have 3 more, then summer! 

Skirt & Shirt: Savers / Shoes: Peru / Jacket: A Line / Headband: DIY

                                 I should be studying, so I'm going to do that now. 
Ciao mi lovely readers!



  1. buena historia y me gusta tu nuevo atuendo eres fuera de serie!!!!!!

  2. Your headband is soooo cute! I might try the DIY :D
    Good comeback, by the way! Silly teacher.

    1. Do it! Especially when you have a lazy sunday, it's a great way to keep you occupied.
      Yeah I told him later in the class, that I had a huge white pom pom one and that I would wear it to the last day of class. I wonder what he is going to say then lol.


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