Thursday, May 24, 2012


In my job's annual end of the year superlatives I won two awards: Best Dressed Female, & Most likely to become a Celebrity (let's see if that happens). It's not a monumental award, but it's nice to see what my peers and coworkers think of me. On the other topic, let's talk about the dress I'm wearing. Remember the Juliet dress? Well it's the same dress but longer and with hand made shoulder pads (yes hand made, and it was a b**ch to make!) Now I'm a short girl (obv nathalie you weren't fooling anyone..) so I usually like my dresses and skirts short. However, when I wore the 'Juliet' at my old job, two of my coworkers fell in love with it and wanted me to make them each a dress. The dress they were asking for was a longer version of the Juliet dress. Of course, I obliged and made them a dress. Now, when I was actually done with the dress, I fell in love with it so much that I had to make myself one too! So here it is! It's actually the first time I've ever worn it!

OT: My sister is coming home today, I don't know when but I haven't seen her  about 2 years! Anyways yay for siblings!



  1. love the gifs!
    love the dress, can't believe you made it yourself, you have talent gurl.
    Making a piece of clothing is actually on my to do list for this winter break coming up! Lets see how it goes hey.

    1. heh, thank you! Making clothing is pretty easy once you have a pattern :D Definitely try it out! Even if it doesn't come out good the first time (mine didn't either) it'll still be a great learning experience :D


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