Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fire Engine

Me looking to see if the weird guy left

Blend in
Stand Out

I am so s o r r y for not being able to update for like weeks now. I know it's not an excuse but I've been swamped with projects and essays with the finals just right around the corner. Also it doesn't help that my social life has been pretty busy so far. I have still about 4 days worth of pictures and I really don't want to to skip them, so the next couple of posts I will probably be using past tenses. Anywho, so this was about maybe two weeks ago? I don't remember. It was actually my first time being in public and taking pictures. You should have seen my face "Martha, I can't- I really can't", luckily for me having Martha as a support really helped my nerves. This was actually right in front of the: public library! This was a huge step for me. When we got to the top of the stairs there was a man just randomly sitting down drinking, I think his foolishness also helped calm my nerves. During this session, there was a random old guy that was standing on the other side of the street staring at us. So we then went behind a wall on the side of the building and continued taking pictures. Can you believe, he crossed the street and actually just stood right in front of us gawking. However, it turned out he owned some martial arts store, and wanted to see if we were professional models so he could feature us in some ADs. Pfft. Yeah right man. He really thought my 5'3 self was a model, yeah go get your eyes checked hombre! Maybe Martha could pull off as being one because she's tall...Anywho, did you guys like my maiden braid? Some people thought it was actually a hairband, so they were really surprised when I told them that I was in fact my hair. Oh, and later that day Amy Tan, author of the Joy Luck Club, came to speak at my school! How cool was that! I ended getting there late because of an intense game of mahjong. Heh ^_^;; .Okay, so I am definitely gonna try to post up so more outfits this week, I'll try my best promise!

Shirt: Made by me / Shorts: Made by me / Blazer: Thrifted



  1. two words= red hot. That is all.

  2. i just saw your post on soompi. love this outfit soooooo much.so much so that i had to follow your blog on gfc lol. super jelly, i wish red looked as good on me as it does you.


    1. Wahhh~ What a lovely comment! I just visited your blog, and what are you talking you can definitely rock red!


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