Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Biao Bia


Remember Ruby, Andie & Guldana, my conversation partners? Well we met up for one of our sessions last week and after singing a bit of Elva Hsiao - Biao Bia (with my broken Chinese) Andie suggested that we go KTV (karaoke). I've never been to one in Rhode Island, so you could just imagine how excited I was. Guldana couldn't make it because she had plans at 430, and it was already 3 at the time. So then Ruby, Andie, Julianne (Andie's friend), and I all went to go karaoke. Now, you might not know this but I love to sing/karaoke, I usually like to sing words such as when I friend walks in I usually unflattering sing their name. Once we arrived, the room that we went into was so cool! I mean they have super big comfy couches, disco ball, color lights, and a mahjong table! If Martha had come with me it would of been a rap. Anyways, it was so funny catching my my Chinese friends off guard with my surprising familiarity with some of the songs that they were singing. Of course, I couldn't really pronounce the lyrics because for 1. they were in Chinese 2. They were in Chinese characters. But I did my best singing with the lyrics I made up in my head. They said it good, but they could of just been nice... Afterwards, we went back towards Providence and was dropped off by my job. Then, Martha, Paula, and I went out to shoot some pictures.

Pants: The Limited / Overthrow: H&M / Shirt: BCX / Shoes: Platanitos


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