Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday Addams

Not to confuse anyone, it is Thursday, not Wednesday. However, this outfit reminded me of Wednesday Addams, but probably like the more modern version of her. The floral dress has to be one of my all time favorite dresses, I bought it in Stockholm at a little boutique for $10 bucks. Steal. When I first thought of wearing this dress, I thought I'll pair it with a pink blazer, but then I figured everyone is going to bring out the florals and pastels. So instead I just went with all black. Oh, so I also started this program called "Conversation Partners", its where us "domestic" students get a group of 3-4 international students and basically talk. There's six locations that we have to go to within the city, and the first location we went to was City Hall of Providence. I have three Chinese students, Andie, Ruby, and Guldana, they're all great and you'll probably see them in future posts.



  1. Love the pairing of the dress with the sheer black shirt, it's a fresh take on spring trends and very chic!

  2. muy bella estas cada dia !!!!


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