Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lace Frills

Jacket: Vintage / Tube Top: Bought in Peru / Hat: Bought in Korea 
Shorts: Thirfted & DIY / Shoes: Bought in Peru 

I've had these shorts for about 3 years, and this week was my first time wearing them. When I originally saw the shorts at a Salvation Army years ago, I thought I would get plenty use out of them. Then sometime last year I remember having lace scraps laying around and didn't want to throw them away. Naturally, I decided to pimp my shorts with the white lace scraps. When I was finished, I also thought now I'll wear them, yeah didn't happen... But hey finally 3 years later, here I am wearing these babies. And I had the perfect shoes to go with it! Whoop Whoop!

Have a great day everyone! 
Oh, and please enjoy this typical me moment: laughing for no reason:


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