Saturday, March 17, 2012

Providence Street Style #1

Here we go! First Providence Street Style Post!

1. First up we have Serena! The first person photographed this week. I was going to a meeting in a building that she was so conveniently standing in front of with her friend. I saw her pants, and automatically had to ask to take a picture of her. She's an international student from China! She described her outfit: "Just something she quickly put together."Effortless & Chic!

Blazer: From China / Pants: Moschino / Belt: BCBG / Bag: Prada / Shoes: Betsey Johnson 

2. Next we have Hezekiah Dacosta. His description of his person style: "Built off of my grandfather, so very classy. I like wearing suits".  He has his own line called "The Common Perception", which he actually incorporated in his outfit shown above. We talked a bit more about his line and what he wants to achieve with it, is to: "Make the Common Unique". Todays outfit inspiration: "It was the closet thing to my bed"

Jean Jacket: Levi's / Belt: Handmade by mother / Shoes: Top Side Sperrys
Acc: Invicta (watch), Gucci (gold bracelets), and ASOS / 
Bow Tie: The Common Perception 

OT: So I finally ordered my tripod and remote, hopefully it comes in soon! I hope you guys enjoyed it, please leave any feedback in the comments below! 



  1. I love the red of your jacket :) I'm following! Visit me if you want :)

    1. that's actually not me, its just someone I photographed. But thank you for the compliment anyways! Yes I will definitely check out your blog. Thank you very much for following :D

  2. Hi Nathalie! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love all the cute lil' gifs on yours, so original!
    As for your question, I'm 24 but I feel so much younger hehe. Just likes your page on fb, btw! Here's mine


    1. No problemo Fabi! Thank you! I love making those gifs, gives my blog something different to share :D. Holy moly 24? You definitely look so much younger as well! I guess it's that latina blood that keeps you staying young haha. My oldest sister is 27 and yet she looks younger than I do -___-. Just liked your fb page ^___^


Thank you so much for the AWESOME comments! It's very much appreciated <3

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