Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Excuse the Friends reference, I've actually only seen 2 episodes of Friends. Anyways, back to the brand new information! I've decided to start posting weekly Providence street style pictures. Why? Well for one, I know theres NYC, LA, London, Paris, Stockholm etc. basically major city street style blogs or just known bloggers from those cities which is great! However, maybe not many of you might not know Providence, it's the capital of Rhode Island (the smallest state in the US). I remember when I came to Providence from New Jersey, I was used to big cities; New York City. So naturally, at first it surprised me when people called Providence a 'city', but actually there is so much more to it. With its indie stores, awesome thrift shops, great local restaurants, I definitely want to do something that would help out it's reputation, and possibly even make its name more known. So what better way to do it that with Fashion! Therefore, I've decided to post up pictures every Thursday or Friday of two or more outfits that caught my eye throughout the week. I really hope you guys enjoy and support the new addition to my blog. I hope it'll also open up doors to maybe even starting a street style blog/blog addition in your city or town! 

oh and sorry for not updating so frequently this week, the sun hasn't really been out that much so the lighting I get in my apartment gets really bad. BUT! I will be investing in a tripod and remote yay! 

Ciao Ciao! 

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