Monday, March 26, 2012

Providence Street Style #2

(Sorry for the late post of the Providence Street style, but I forgot to jot down the outfit details. So I had to wait till today to get the information) 

1. First person I shot (wow that sounds really bad) is Tuyen Le. She's one of my coworkers, and always dressed really well. The day before I took these pictures, I actually took other different outfit pictures of her and my other friend below, but I liked these outfits better. Anyways, so when I asked to sum up her style she responded that she likes classic colors : 'sophisticated meets chic'. She also really likes her clothes to be tailored but she always adds to something edgy to her outfits. The day I took these pictures it was really hot, so when I asked what was the meaning behind her look today she said: comfortable. 

Romper: Forever 21 /  Shorts: Urban Outfitters / Watch: Marc Jacobs 

2. The second person is Penny Chittaphong, she's also one of my coworkers! Yay, for fashionable coworkers! So when I asked her to describe her style she stated that it varies depending on her mood. It could be girly one day & modern the next. She also said "I don't want to blend in with everyone so I always try to put a spin on my style. I don't want to try too hard, style should come naturally. Oh and look at her nails, aren't they awesome? She actually did them herself!

                   Shirt: Conway / Shorts: PacSun / Necklace: Charlotte Rousse / Hat: Dots 

Have a great day everyone~ I have class until 9:30 pm today - y a y....


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