Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rodarte x Target

Dress: Rodarte x Target / Coat: London Fog / Shoes: Steve Madden

I remember seeing this dress two years ago walking through a Target with two friends. When I asked them whether I should buy it or not, they both said no. I've regretted it ever since... Flash forward two years later, I desperately tried to look for this dress again, but no luck. Until one day, I just so happened to think about it, searched on Ebay and BAM there it was! I bought it without any hesitation and have been happy ever since. Have you guys ever regretted not buying something? 

On another note, I'm home for a week, so actual pictures outside my apartment living room-HALLELUJAH! 


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  1. nina me sorprendes cada dia mas con estas fotos estas relinda cada dia creo que deberias despues que acabes tu carrera de Bussines Internacional el modelaje eres impresionante en tus diferentes facetas ten por seguro que tu esfuerzo tendra frutos continua tus metas que el exito es tuyo .


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