Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2 For 2

I can't believe this happened again- a g a i n. So in the morning, Martha made (yes she did lol) go to gym, and then she said we could take pictures afterwards. As I rushed in the morning to get all my things ready; laptop, phone, gym clothes, sneakers, heels, camera, etc. I remember grabbing a cream shirt to pair up with my skirt and putting it in my into huge bag. As I was changing from my gym clothes to my regular clothes, I realized that something was missing: my shirt. Yes once again I forgot a shirt. I don't know how it happened, but I guess last minute I took it out or something. 

What was I left to do? Wear my gym shirt instead. So this outfit could of possibly been a bit better, but you work with what you got, and this was what I had. What a day, what a day! 

Well enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! Another holiday party tonight. Yum- Food :3
(GYM)  SHIRT: KSWISS / SKIRT: Mandee / SHOES: Steve Madden / BLAZER: H&M 


  1. es normal que uno se olvide de algo ,pero todo te salio bien tu conjunto esta muy bonito!!!!

  2. beautfiul pics!
    love your skirt and your booties!

    1. Thanks Evi ! ! Yeah, I really need to buy another pair of them lol.

  3. That's so funny about the top - no worries! The look was perfect, I would have never guessed!!

    1. That's reassuring, thanks Patry lolol ^_______^

  4. AMAZING post, your pics, your hair, your video gifs.. all perfection! love the blog and cant wait to check back for more!


    1. Thanks Amanda, I really appreciate it your feedback :)

  5. Estás guapísima y sales genial en las fotos ;) Te sigo ya porque tu blog tiene muy buena pinta ;)
    pasate por el mio si quieres --> www.chiclechine.blogspot.com
    besitos ;)

  6. wow, that skirt reminds me of stella mccartney!


  7. Dear Nathalie.
    Please allow me to comment from a guy's perspective, and tell you how much I adore the wonderful curves of your high-heeled legs. Who needs more skinny wannabe fashionistas when we can have you, literally bursting with 110 pct femininity, instead ?
    With all my respect and admiration: You are sooo sexy.
    Kisses and compliments from Denmark.


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