Friday, June 8, 2012

Christmas in June

Just got back from work and I have this weekend off! Yay! So please stay tuned for weekend updates! So I found this skirt at Savers and fell in love with the print. When I first bought them they were just above the knee, which would be great for a sit down desk job. However, I don't work that way so instead I just sewed it it shorter. I really liked the way it turned out! I paired it up with a sweater my mom knitted back when she was 15 (unbelievable right! talk about some talent & patience!) My bunny ear headband I bought in Korea last summer (isn't it so cute ^__^). When I picked out what bag I wanted to wear with this outfit I saw the Christmas theme seeping through, so I paired it with my lime green leather bag from Peru. I actually have one in orange, that I might put up for sale via ECM. Anywho! So now I'm gonna relax and watch some Korean dramas. Do you guys watch any Korean dramas? If so totally check out Rooftop Prince! I just finished it last night and oh my god so good, so sad, woke up this morning with huge puffy eyelids. Hey- at least it made my eyeliner look really good. Well catch you guys tomorrow!

Sweater: Mom / Skirt: Savers / Bag: Peru / Shoes: Platanitos / Watch: Betsey Johnson
Go enjoy your Friday night everyone!


  1. love your hair!! it looks great against the color of the sweater


  2. Replies
    1. definitely just went on google and searched "what does jumper mean in australia"...
      but yes I love the sweater as well! Especially because it's something my mom made :D


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