Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy Bee

Trying to shield myself from the deadly sun rays 
Eyes were hurting....
Martha's sunglasses making a cameo
Mr. Crocodile lurking through the food swamp....
Me and Mr. Crocodile 

Last last Thursday, was a very hectic day. Like I have been telling you guys, that my social life lately has been filling up with so many things to do, and this is without mentioning school. So anywho last last thursday ("last last" Yes college education!)  I went to work, finally picked up the decorations from the Persian New Year, yeah procrastination got the best of me... went out with Martha to take pictures, later in the day attended a Chinese Gala at a restaurant, and afterwards threw a little get together at my apartment. Typical weekend flow I knowadays...

When Martha and I were taking pictures- man was it sunny & windy! So if my hair looks a bird's nest, it's the wind, I promise. 

Oh- and an exciting update: Remember that play I auditioned for? Well I have callbacks tonight for 3 main characters! I'm so excited and nervous! Well wish me luck! 

Jacket: H&M / Dress: Korea / Earrings: Peru / Shoes: Steve Madden 

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone~


  1. tranquila que todo va salir bien tienes ese don que dios te dio ,siempre segura de lo que haces good lucky!!!!!

  2. super lovely~ the details on the dress are AMAZING! love the pleating on the skirt & the beads/pearls on the top!



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