Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Faced

"This is so emo!"

I took these pictures last week, but didn't have the chance to post them up until today. These were actually the first set of shots that I took with my friend Martha. It was so funny in the beginning of our little session, there were people around the area and I basically froze & laughed. It's always like that when I take pictures though, the first stage is embarrassment, then second stage is constantly laughing, and the final stage is when I get comfortable. Anywho, I love wearing this dress I bought in Peru last summer. I think the correct way of wearing the dress is with the polka dots on the front, but I like wearing things backwards, and it looks better on with the black in the front. It kinda reminds me of Rudolph from the Looney Tunes, but in black.

What do you think?

For the rest of the outfit, I just paired it with black tights and my favorite (which you can probably tell) my favorite black boots. You know, they're already my second pair? My first pair within 2 months were completely ruined thank you Rhode Island sidewalks. Anyways, tomorrow is going to be another fun filled, busy jam packed day. Whoop Whoop! Have a great night~

Dress: Bought in Peru / Tights: Nordstrom / Shoes: Steve Madden 


  1. veo que tu color favorito es el negro y te queda regio tienes clase al lucir tus prendas me encanto!!!!

  2. Lovely blog.


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