Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day and Night

Last night, my friend Martha (who helped me take the outfit shots today) and I went to my friends Stephanie & Adriana's apartment for a girl's night. The night consisted of my new found obsession: Mahjong, drinks and pizza (typical American night well except for the Mahjong). I want to say the funniest part was at around 11 pm when we ordered pizza. Now when you're starving, and you order food, you know when once  the sound of the doorbell is heard, it's like Yes, Finally! This was our exact reaction when the delivery guy finally made it to the front door. So we get the pizza, bring it inside, go wash our hands before we eat, and boom- what happens? What we order was: 2 pizzas, one with banana peppers & pineapple, and the other with onions & bacon. What did we get: 2 medium cheese & mushroom pizzas. Now  imagine the faces of children finding out Santa isn't real, my inital reaction was basically that, later accompanied by laughter. So I called back the pizza place, and thanks to my smooth operator moves hah! we got a free order of breadsticks. Took an extra 20-30 mins, but atleast we got some breadsticks? I guess. We ended up staying over and in the morning Martha and I left to go back home. But later that day, I headed back to my friends place for Easter dinner. Wait wasn't this blog supposed to be about fashion? Oh well. I did say, style, life and everything in between.

Shirt: Bought in Peru / Jacket: Zara / Purse: Carven 

Enjoy random gifs of the night, it's like you were actually there! 

This is Martha dancing to I think it was Miley Cyrus's 'See you again'



  1. me gusta la blusa recuerdo que te ayude a comprarlo te queda bien!!!1

  2. amazing black boots!
    soo funny the last pics!

    1. Poor things have gone through so much. You know these are actually my second pair!
      Glad you enjoyed the animations~!

  3. Love the outfit! :)
    oh and especially the last one!

    1. Thank you~! && for leaving the link to your blog, i will definitely check it out~!

  4. Replies
    1. its good to know people are enjoying them, as much as do! hahah


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