Tuesday, April 3, 2012


whoa there, super attractiveness ^^

You love Minnesota Nathalie? No, actually I don't love Minnesota never even been there, but I do love this shirt. I love this shirt because of the story behind it, and if you know me, you know that I love telling stories and really long detailed for no reason weird ones! So this shirt came from Seoul, South Korea (of all places to get an US state t-shirt) last summer from a friend. It was one of those regular school nights that we would go eat dinner, drink, and then KTV (karaoke). It was probably around 2-3AM and when me and my roommate were going back to our university dorm. During that time, was the part of the school year where Korean university students cram for their huge year tests, so there were a whole bunch of kids around the campus; smoking cigarettes and socializing. Now, our dorms would open with a pass, much like when a hotel key that you swipe/enter through a slot. In the same floor (I think it was the 8th floor), our professors also had rooms. It just so happened that our room was located on the wing where our professors rooms where, probably like 1-2 rooms away. So finally when we said our goodbyes to our friend, we went up to our room only to find out that my pass wasn't working, so we tried my roommate's pass, wasn't working either. So here my roommate and I were standing in the middle of the hallway at around 2-3AM, on a school night, and had our professors just about a room away. Now our professors have like a 'master key' that would open any door, but would you want to wake up your professor at 2 in the morning? Well we didn't. So we panicked for a little bit. What do we do? Should we call our friend? But we don't have a cellphone! The pay phone? 

So we went down to the lobby, walked outside, and hesitated. We hesitated because we didn't know whether we should of called our friend or not. Were we going to have to sleep over? But then we would be wearing the same thing for class tomorrow! People would find out that we slept out! 

Sleep outside? or crash at a friends house? Now this friend JUST so happened to be the son of one of our professors at the Korean University we were staying at(not to be confused with the professors that had 1-2 rooms away from us.) So then I interrupted a group of korean students that were well into a big conversation, and asked them to borrow their cell phones. In the States people are usually hesitant to give out things to strangers, not at in Korean society. They happily handed over their phone and now switched their conversation to "what are those two girls doing?" Luckily, our friend picked up his phone and came over to the dorm. We walked about 7 minutes to his house and then came the tricky part. In Korean houses you have to take off your shoes and then enter barefoot, now if we did this, there would be a chance his dad, OUR professor, would see two girl shoes. But what the hell! My friend conveniently had two beds in his room, so my roommate and I slept on the other larger bed. Next morning came, and I asked him if he had a shirt I could change into, what shirt did he give me? I <3 MN. Random, but it worked. And I gave my roommate my shirt that I was wearing last night. We ran out of his house and headed towards the university.When we got to our university, the acted as if we were coming out of a shop in another building, and proceeded to head to the dorms. The we played out that our keys weren't working to one of our professors, entered, and hurriedly got dressed for class. What did I wear to class? The pink blazer in the pictures above, and my I <3 MN shirt. The funny part was, who did we have for class that morning? My friend's dad. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

Now you're probably thinking: Nathalie Y U TALK SO MUCH? Well because sometimes like I've explained before, style and fashion isn't just on the exterior. What you wear always has a meaning, and a memory, and makes you wear it differently. I love talking about random stories also because I feel that fashion blog's that I see nowadays don't really connect with the reader. Don't get me wrong there are some people that just love looking at pictures and thats great. Personally, for me I love getting to really know someone, and being able to connect with them. It gives the reader and the author a better relationship. Not only that it also sets your blog apart from the sea of blogs out there. I want to have a connection with my readers, if I don't then why would you want to come back? Anyways, anways I'm gonna go study for my 'Ethics of Leadership' test tomorrow- WOOO- super fun!

PS. my friend never actually gave me this shirt. I just never gave it back, and yesterday I just so happened to FB Video chat with him and was like- guess what shirt I'm wearing! He responded: I want it back. Pfft! Yeah right mister! 

Hope you enjoyed my little big story!


Shirt: From a friend (barely) /  Blazer: Thirfted
Pants: Bought in Peru / Shoes: Platanitos


  1. muy interesante tu historia nathalie siempre tus ropas tienen algo que recordar buenos momentos!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. oh thank you, best compliment I've heard! I really appreciate it ^___^

  3. Beautiful!



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