Thursday, April 5, 2012

Earth, Wind & Fire


So sorry for not posting the last two days, I've been super busy with school work, and my new found obsession: Mahjong. At work theres about 3-4 people that are always down to play, and before we know it- there goes our whole day. Back to the pictures though,  there was definitely a whole lot of earth and wind going in these pictures. Weather lately has been going through it's menstrual cycle or something. It's happy(hot) in the morning, and then sad (cold + windy) or vice versa. Too bad there isn't a midol mother nature could take. Luckily, I didn't go for the outfit I was originally to wear, where I would of been wearing a skirt instead of pants. But, I'm so excited that I finally got to wear these red hot pants, I found thrifting earlier in the year. There were some loose hems, but fortunately I have a sewing machine so I fixed it up with no problem. Oh and funny little story about my shirt, it's from my grandmother. Just like my I <3 MN shirt, she didn't actually give it to me... See what had happened was (all guilty stories start out like that), no but really, what happened was while I was in Peru my mother and I were in my grandmother's room, and being the curious nosy person I am I decided to go through her closet. Unlike most people, my grandmother never lived with me, a block, a town, or a state away from me. She lived in a different country, so I never really had those typical childhood moments. So I took advantage of the opportunity and looked through her closet. My mom said it was okay for me to take something because she was never going to wear it again anyways. When my grandmother was younger she would always have her clothes be handmade to her liking, so having a piece like this means alot to me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go jam to some Boogie Wonderland. snap! that rhymed!


Shirt: Grandmother / Blazer: Oleg Cassini / Bell Bottoms: Cleveland Street


  1. muy buena historia nathalie si supiera tu abuelita que ya fue con su blusa ,pero si en el fondo se sentira feliz que tu lo uses !!!!!!!

  2. That first photo is really great, love it xx


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