Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Night Walkers

(about 4AM)

(around 6PM)

(around 6PM)

To those of you who live in megacities or large metropolitan areas, have you ever walked through those streets early in the A.M? You know, when there's barely anyone on the streets, looks like something out of a movie (not a horror/world is ending way), but like those interesting and random nights? Like it's a breath of fresh air or something like that.. Well it definitely didn't really feel like it when I was going through it, after walking for hours in my 4 something inch heels, but looking back at the few pictures I took; I can say it was quite fun

Friday night, I went to have dinner with my cousin who I haven't seen in ages, and my oldest sister in nyc. Afterwards, I met up with friends in Brooklyn to party (the typical things people my age do). While I was there one of my friends was telling me about how he wanted to go line up for SNL (Saturday Night Live) tickets for tomorrow's show because Lindsay Lohan was going to be on. Fast forward, to about 3AM, we finally made our way to Rockefeller Center (actually my first time there) trying to look for the start of line. Walked around the building, and what do we find, the line was basically at the end of the block. Chances of getting those tickets...well let's just say my friend decided not to wait in line till 7AM to possibly get tickets. So we headed on home back to Jersey. But- hey! Atleast we tried, and the night wasn't all terrible. It was random and interesting, I like those types of nights. Just next time I need to pack some on-the-go flats! 

A bit late, but how was your weekend? 


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  1. bonitas fotos new york de noche es una ciudad que no duerme y me alegra que hallas pasado bien con tus amigos!!!


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