Saturday, January 21, 2012

New In: New Blog New Shoes

Shoes: Christian Soriano 

When I saw these in store my face went from confused to intrigued to amazed. They were so different and dare I say... ugly looking that it did some reverse physiology on me and now I'm head over heels (no pun intended) for them! Once the snow melts, you will definitely see me running around town in these bad boys.

Before I finish the post, I'll just do a quick introduction to my blog.
El Cat's Meow, was made for the purpose of being to use this as a tool to exhibit my style, diy's, and everyday life. It's a way to show real fashion on real people, which is one of greatest feats of the blogosphere. No longer do people have to look for style or inspiration in a magazine, shows, articles, its available to you- to US everyday and its not just things that are 'current' 'trendy' just style that makes each one of us unique.

 I hope I can serve as an inspiration to you all, and with your comments will definitely inspire me to give you my best. Like I said it would a be quick introduction to my blog ^_^.

With that said now I will leave you with the question of the day:

So how do you guys think they look: Weird? Tacky? Amazing? Looks like Sasquatch feet?

stop by again soon! 

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  1. tampoco me gustaron ,luego te los vi puestos y me dije a ella le queda todos los estilos de zapatos que se ponga!!!!

  2. for some odd reason i love them! i seriously want a pair now!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment Nathalie! Hit me up whenever you're in Paris so we can catch up ;) X


Thank you so much for the AWESOME comments! It's very much appreciated <3

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