Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where Have You Been?

Hey everyone, long time no see right? 

What has everyone been up to lately? 
Well let me to tell you where I have been and what I've been up to. 

Let me start off with some bad news first, about a month ago, someone broke into my friends car. Now, that particular day, I had left my purse in her car (I didn't want to lug it around while we went out). Well turned out, that whoever broke into my friends car, took my purse with them. The contents that were in there, possibly my biggest lost; my camera. The same camera that I took all my ECM posts with, of course along with other things, but definitely my camera being stolen was the most devastating. 

 Now the creepiest thing is not only that they had my personal pictures in my camera, but I also carried my ECM business cards in there, so whoever stole my purse probably will be seeing this as well. 

However, in a freak turn of events, I received an email from someone claiming that they had found my purse the day afterwards. Because I wasn't on ECM for two weeks after the incident, I hadn't seen then email until much later. Long story short, it was a park ranger who found my purse along with other things. Good thing, I didn't have any hopes of finding my camera, because it definitely was not there. So now that I am camera-less, do I just start showing you my instagram pictures then? Decisions, decisions. 

Leading me into today... what have I been doing since then? I'm still working on that clothing line, I talked you guys months ago. But besides that, I've just been trying to enjoy life with friends, and started to become obsessed with nail art. Oh and definitely, o n l i n e shopping. Definitely, one of my favorite things. I mean who doesn't love online shopping. I rarely go to the mall, so it's always awesome to find a good online shop. Currently, I came across Garage; it's fun, cute, and a bit casual (which is something different from what I wear, but it's great to switch up things). Also, unlike some of the bigger online shops; the prices are relatively great! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Studded Bustier: $16.90
You guys know how I love sheer things... and only $15.00 

Bustier: $20.00

I really hope you guys enjoy the Garage online shop, I know I will~ Don't worry, I'm trying to save up to get a new camera, but till then I hope enjoy the little instapictures! I'd love to hear your feedback, so leave a comment, because I've missed you all. (Here's proof of my nail art obsession... lol) 
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Yep, for the next two years I shall be pulling a Gwen Stefani circle 1999. 

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone! 


  1. no te preocupes ya pronto veras buenos resultados ,las cosas pasan por algo mejor,disfruta de la vida y tambien de la familia,necesitabas un descanso para tomar un nuevo impulso suerte gatita!!!!

  2. Merhaba,

    GFC yakında kapanıyor. Takibi devam ettirmek için;



    Not: Takip ettiğim tüm blogları bu yerlerden sırayla takibe alıyorum. Haber vermek için böyle bir mesaj girdim. Teşekkürler...


    GFC will not be anymore on 1th July. Keep on to follow;



    P.S.: Im following from Bloglovin and G+ which i follow with GFC. I want to just tell my connection. Thanks...

  3. Que días mas movidos has tenido. Tus uñas se ven fabulosas. Saludos desde


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