Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Providence Street Style #7

More Lolitas! Madeline Hatter, is making another appearance on this weeks Providence 
Street Style.  

So when I say these pictures are old, like they are super old and because I'm a super procrastinator these pictures are now getting posted. Better late than never, ya know! 

Anywho, I remember the day that I saw these 4 lovely ladies, my immediate reaction was..Nathalie ask them for a picture. However, I was still fairly new to asking people if I could take their picture, so I hesitated. I walked across the street away from them,  then ended up turning right back around. They were pretty stunned at me asking them if I could take their picture, but they happily obliged :) So thank you chicas!

That's all for today everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, this week has been very busy for Martha and I. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! 


  1. These ladies definitely have a lot of personality and it shines through their clothing:)

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award, check my blog for more details:)

    1. definitely!
      oh my- thank you so much!


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