Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clark Kent

Finally! Finally I am:
1. Able to take pictures in front of groups of people and not care
2. Wear this skirt!

It was a real test of confidence when taking these pictures with the groups of people that would pass by in intervals. Luckily, I just started to shrug everything off and just embrace it! Now I was really excited to wear this skirt that I made months (maybe even a year ago). I never really had the opportunity, or just never occurred to me to wear it. I don't really know what made me want to wear it, but I just did. I paired it up with this sweater that used to be super huge, (that I ended up doing a crappy job in shrinking it- oh well). Now why did I call this Clark Kent? Well because the skirt has a little cape on the back of it and I decided to wear my glasses- that I absolutely love~. 

SWEATER: Made by Me / SKIRT: Made by Me / 

Well have a great weekend chicos y chicas. 



  1. Que bueno ya saliste del clóset botaste tu temores te felicito es un buen inició té felicito el mundo es tuyo eres muy bella y carismática felicidades¡¡¡¡¡

    1. Si por fin le logre! Ahora puedo hacer cualquier cosa jajaja~

  2. beautiful pics!
    i will try to take some pics in streets!
    the outfit is perfect!

    1. thank you evi! Yes definitely try it! I'm so happy I've finally gotten past this obstacle :D This is one of my favorite outfits hehe.
      Have a great day!


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