Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Paper Flower Wall Decor

If you're like me, then I'm sure you love wall decor. I love wall decor... Actually anything to do with decorating a house I love. It's just my wallet can't fund all of my projects. So sad being a college student. However! There are some really nice ways of decorating your apartment, house, room and I hope to show you one of them today! 

Here is my "Paper Flower" wall decor. It looks cute doesn't it? Guess how much this whole thing cost me...


Not lying, just one buck and I managed to created this great wall! I barely have any furniture in my apartment, and it makes the walls even barer. So with some creativity, and the skills I learned back in elementary school I managed to make this thang! 

Let's Get Started!

So here I was using Satin Wrap, tissue paper that I bought from the dollar store. The sheets are 20" x 20". You could cut it in half, to make a rectangle, or then cut that half into a square. It doesn't really matter how long the paper is because you can always cut it  to your liking later. 

* For putting it on wall: I used command poster strips, and cut them into small pieces  *

1. The 20" x 20" sheet cut in half, right her I used 6 layers of the tissue paper
2. Grab an end of the tissue paper, and fold it up 

3. Flip it over and fold it up
4. Repeat step 3 

5. Repeat 
6. Repeat!! The sides should look like Z's 

7.  Finally you're at the end! Hold it in place with your finger 
8. Grab a piece of string and wrap it around. Secure and tie it. 
OPTIONAL: Leave the string long if you would like to hang it up from the ceiling, if not: c u t!

9. Fold it in half, once it is even. Cut one side to the shape you want. It could be round, pointy or however you would like. 
10. The result of the cutting! Go through each "petal" to make sure that it's cut. If it's flat then it won't cooperate when you start to fluff

11. Fluff one side
12. Result of one fluffed side

Your Result!

You can make them in all different sizes & colors!

I'm still in the process of making more, so I'll keep you guys updated!

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!


  1. I love this. A lot. This is probably my new sitting-in-front-of-the-tv-doing-something-with-my-hands project.

    xx Clara

    1. No problem! Hope to see the finished project!


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