Friday, June 29, 2012

Milwaukee Photo Diary #1

@ Harley Davidson museum


So before I talk about the Milwaukee pictures a PSA: No mother should ever abandon their baby, or neglect it at that. This blog is my baby, and I feel horrible for neglecting it for such a long time. I have been working crazy hours at my internship, and even better my screen to my computer is all funny. I have to move it around so it can work..kinda like this:

Before it would work if I just moved it around a little bit, but now I have to really hold my computer screen and I'm always scared I'm going to break it, but what you gonna do right? I have no apple care so holding my screen is the next best thing. Actually, I was thinking if I should get a tablet or something for blogging? It's smaller, lighter, and I could bring it to work. Do any of you bloggers have a tablet, and do you ever update from there? 

---------------------------------------------la la la la la la------------------------------------------------

Anywho moving along, so this is part one of the photos from Milwaukee. I think I have about 30ish presentable blogger friendly pictures if you catch my drift here. Also, I didn't want to bombarded all with a load of pictures, so tomorrow I will update the other half! So at the conference there were about 700 interns/mit's so it was a huge group! However, the group of kids I hung out with were all from my same district, with the exception of my roommate.Overall, it was a b l a s t! I mean what was there not to like? My flight was paid for, my food was paid for, my room at the Hilton was paid for, so yeah definitely had a great time. Can't wait to show you the other half!

Oh and also, I just want to say for the readers  that have been checking back and sticking around: thank you so much! I totally appreciate it, you are all the best! Seriously!


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  1. que bien te felicito que todo te vaya bien!!!!!


Thank you so much for the AWESOME comments! It's very much appreciated <3

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